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GIANO progresses in LabIR (Jul-Dec 06)

30 Oct 2006

Images by V.Biliotti, M.Gonzales

Test board ready to work
      Test board with 3 temperature sensors attached
and some thermal conductors made from copper wires.

27 Oct 2006

Images by I.Mochi, S.Gennari, C.Baffa

The thermal curve of the second cryogenic test of ZnSe prism.
      A close view of ZnSe prism.

12 Oct 2006

Images by I.Mochi, C.Baffa

The stepper motor controller, the Phytron GLD 20-24
      The GLD controller test temperature history, in on and off state.
The spike corresponds to a 10 seconds motor operation.

6 Oct 2006

Images by I.Mochi, S.Gennari, C.Baffa

The cryogenic test assembly for the IR-coated ZnSe window.
      The ZnSe window cryogenic test temperature hitory.

3 Oct 2006

Images by C.Baffa, I.Mochi, G.Falcini, P.Samndri

The ZnSe wedge cryogenic test temperature history
      The opening of the dewar.

The wedge extracted from the dewar.
      A detailed view of wedge coating test area

26 Sep 2006

Images by C.Baffa, S.Gennari, M.Sozzi, P.Sandri

The ZnSe wedge on its holder.
      The wedge assembled for the criogenic test.

The wedge inside the dewar.
      Overall picture of closed dewar.

19 Sep 2006

Images by C.Baffa, E.Giani, V.Biliotti

One of the firsts images taken by the final electronics
      The pixel value Histogram

31 Aug 2006

Images by E.Giani, V.Biliotti

The very low noise of test electronics (20microVolt).
      A second (still less noisy!) measurement.

26 Jul 2006

Images by I.Mochi, G.Falcini, C.Baffa

The slit positioning system open.
      The slit positioning system closed

Microscope view of slit positioned.
      One of us (I.M.) working on wheels assembly.

25 Jul 2006

Images by I.Mochi, S.Gennari, G.Falcini, C.Baffa

Side view of filter/slit wheels mounting.
      Rear view of filter/slit wheels mounting.

      Movie of filter wheel moving

14 Jul 2006

Images by V.Biliotti, C.Baffa

The detector board mounted: front view with multiplexer in place.
      The detector board mounted: rear view.

Close view of detector connection with cold plane.
      Close view of detector and board margin.

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