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GIANO construction progress in LabIR (Jan-Jun 05)

6 Jun 2005

Images by C.Baffa

Output of our newly developed sensor acquisition program gsensd
      Graphical output of gsensd (real dewar data)

18 Apr 2005

Photos by I.Mochi

Global trasmittance of OHARA S-NPH2 specimen.
      An example of raw data.

15 Apr 2005

Photos by I.Mochi, E.Giani

Surface data of quartz window measured in double pass at 632.8 nm.
      The same data, but transferred into octave and averaged.

13 Apr 2005

Photos by C.Baffa, E.Giani, M.Sozzi

The first multiplexer image with DC coupling and optical adaptation.
      The GUI of laboratory program.

30 Mar 05

Photos by C.Baffa, M.Sozzi

The cold board and the multiplexer inside their enclosure.
      First meaningful (and noisy) image: a light bulb!

18 Mar 05

Photos by I.Mochi

Front and rear view of the mirror-holder prototype.
      The initial experimental set-up for the mirror-holder test.

15 Mar 05

Images by P.Sandri and C.Baffa

Specimen of NPH2 glass from OHARA.
      Infrared trasmission of tre specimes.

9 Mar 2005

Photos by C. Baffa, M.Sozzi, E.Giani

Output of multiplexer: details of the begin of a row.
      Output of multiplexer: a full row, showing some light at the end.

Some clock lines at the end of a row and the begin of the next.
      Rockwell documentation of multiplexer clocking and output.

24 Feb 05

Photos by C. Baffa

Our Laboratory during the snow week!
      The immediate surrounding of our laboratory under the snow.

03 Feb 05

Images by C. Baffa / E. Giani

The preliminary acquisition system (codenemed Pinocchio)
during hardware and software programming.
      The waveform generated by Pinocchio as captured by the logic
analyzer during tests. The conformance with the project is total.

First portion of the output of the waveform program for Giano
detector, frame and first row initialization.
      First few rows of the output of the waveform program
for Giano detector; it is still visible the initialization part.

19 Jan 05

Photos by S. Gennari / G.Falcini

Micrometers in aluminium for the prototype of mirrors holders.
      Progress in buildig the prototype of mirrors holders.

10 Jan 05

Photos by C. Baffa

Temporary mechanical mount for Hawaii multiplexer.
      Assembly view of temporary mount for Hawaii multiplexer.

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