Requested S/N Ratio
Wavelength [0.3-2.5] microns
Exposure Time (hr)
Number of readouts

Resolving Power [100, 300000]
Efficiency/throughput (0, 1]
Diameter of spectrograph aperture (0,3] (arcsec on sky)
Fraction of object-light falling in the spectrometer aperture (0,1]

Sky background (AB mag/sq-arcsec)
Telescope & optics temperature [200, 400] (K)
Telescope & optics emissivity (0,1]
Telescope diameter (0-100] (m)
Central obscuration fractional diameter (0,0.9]

Focal aperture of camera (0.8,1000]
along disp
across disp
Pixel size (0,1000] (microns)
Detector readout noise [0,1000](el)
Detector dark current [0,1000000] (el/hr)