Tirgo IR Archive

We have assembled a complete archive of Arcetri NICMOS3 based Infrared instruments (ARNICA and LongSp), with all available information stored in a public database [1]. All ARNICA data till 11/2003 are currently available.

We note that data will become publicly available only one year after being acquired.

The sky coverage of data is available in equatorial coordinates and in galactic coordinates

The work done on our data was:

  1. Collection of all data on CD-ROM support. and transfer of all data stored in the old Worm disks to the more convenient new support. This transfer has been already completed (5/96) On 2005 all data were trasferred on DVD. The disks present in the database are:
  2. Collection of logbooks and all relevant information from FITS headers. This phase is the most cumbersome, and we ask the collaboration of all observers.
  3. Storing of a back-up copy of all data present in the database with all relevant information format to a new series of CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. All data will be arranged in a per-measurement basis, while retaining the date ordering.
  4. Maintaining a Web interface to the global database for public accessibility.

The archive interface is available here.

All data till 5/2004 are currently available.
The help and some tips are available here

The plate scale of data, not declared in Fits headers, can be assumed as follows:
TIRGO = 1"/pix, NOT = 0.48"/pix, TNG = 0.36"/pix, VATT = 0.35"/pix, WHT = 0.30"/pix.

A presentation of Tirgo Archive present and future, can be found here (Presented at WGA Meeting 3-4 / 3/2005, Trieste).

Note: on 5/2002, our strategy to recover absent or corrupted data has changed. If you rely on these data, plese give a check!

Note that the TNG-Arnica data are made available here with only the data acquisition headers. The standard location of TNG data is the Official TNG Archive which will also contain all telescope informations.

An estimate of 11/2003 data size is: 126 CDs, 50 Gbytes, 328.000 images.
Access statistics are available here.

The people involved are:

External collaborators:      Alessio Checcucci.      Leslie K. Hunt.      Luca Fini      Filippo Mannucci      Alessandro Margaglio

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