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Guide Star Finder

This form enable search some catalogues finalized to locate guide stars for adaptive optics applications.

Database Query Form
Object Name
RA : : DEC : :
J2000 B1950
Limiting Magnitude Max Distance arcsec
Selection Criteria
All stars Nearest Brightest Weighted

Form for multiple queries

We use the US Naval Observatory USNO-SA2.0 catalog
For catalogue acces we use Doug Mink's fine scat program.
Unless explicitly specified, we use R-band magnitudes.
The "selection criteria" option changes the star selection strategy:
  • all gives back all stars
  • Nearest gives the nearest star only
  • Brightest gives the brightest star
  • Weighted gives the star with the highest value of a score proportional to the inverse of the distance and to the magnitude (nearer and brighter => better).

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